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    Space Probes, Spacecrafts and More

  • Venara Probes #1

    The Venara Probes were unnmaned space crafts and had a total of 16 missions. This probe took pictures of Venus, and this probe was left on the Venus atmosphere
  • Sputnik Program

    The Soviet Union took part in this program. There were three programs, the Mercury, the Sputnik, and the Gemini.
  • Viking Probes

    There were 2 viking probes that took high definition pictures of Mars. Vikink 1 reached Mars June 19th 1976 and Viking 2 reached Mars August 7th 1976. Both probes found out that there might be water sources on Mars.
  • Voyager Probes #2

    NASA was apart of the Voyager probes. This probe launched in Califonia September 5th 1977. It only gathered sights and sounds. They Voyager 1 reached the end of the solar system.
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    Magellan Spacecraft orbited around Venus. This cost 680 million dollars for a 4.6 meter tall spacecraft. When the spacecraft orbited Venus, they found out that there are alot of flat volcanos, no magnetic feilds and no moons.
  • Hubble Spacecraft

    Every 97 minutes the Hubble makes a Revolution around the earth. The Hubble was made to find out more about space itself. It cost about 2.5 million dollars and counting.
  • Cassini Mission

    This mission was made to explore Saturn, and once the spacecraft got there, they found sources of lighting. It took over 300,000 pictures and cost about 3.26 million dollars.
  • N.E.A.R

    The N.E.A.R was the first spacecraft to orbit a asteroid. The spacecraft discoverd the mass and the density of a object, and in this case, a asteriod. It cost about 100 million dollars.
  • Space Stations

    The Space Stations is a test center for future technologies. The module is 51 meters in length and is owned by NASA, Boeing, EESA and more. The last one launched December 19th 2012 and will land later May 2013.
  • Genesis Spacecraft

    There were no lives lost in the spacecraft becasue it was a no man spacecraft. This project took a spacecraft into space to collect solar wind. It cost about 200 million dollars, but it was a waste becasue it crash landed on earth becasue of failure.
  • Mars Rover

    The mars Rover is powered by solar cells and was launched to find life and evidence of water on Mars Mars Rover 2 and 3 discoverd nothing, beagle 2 exploded and Curiosity is still making discoveries today. There will be a new rover in 2020