Children Age 1-3

  • Age 1

    Age 1
    At the age of one, children start to learn how to sit upright unaided. They can start to crawl up stairs and scoot down them. They become very motor-driven. They can push, grab, and pull items. There attention span has grown but is still very little. Girls have a vocabulary of 4 dozen words while boys only have about half a dozen words in there vocabulary
  • age 1 1/2

    age 1 1/2
    at the age of 1 and a half. Childrens motor abilty has grown a little. they can now walk with help and can draw lines with crayons. They do have fears of baths. They have very dependent behavior. They start to feed themselfs and can only repeat a few words
  • Age 2

    Age 2
    By age 2, children can now kick a ball, have bladder control and have 200+ vocabulary. This is when you start to notice behavior changes and temper tantrums to start showing up. They start haveing attitude and does the opposit of what they are told to do.
  • age 2 1/2

    age 2 1/2
    Children are now starting to learn how to jump and can ride a tricycle. They speek in short sentences. They may have a period where they studder a little bit. Fear of seperation shows up and so does a sence of humor. Starts to give orders and say "I", "Me", and"You" alot.