• Cleveland Freenet account (CWRU)

    Cleveland Freenet account (CWRU)
    The cleveland freenet thru case western was my first attempt at 'browsing' online. I remember being fascinated that I could access documents at the library from 2000 miles away.
  • Compuserve Account

    Compuserve Account
  • Prodigy Account

    Prodigy Account
    Dialup with a brand new 2400 baud modem
  • First Web Access

    Using a videotext like system, several of us working from a DOE facility logged onto this thing called the world wide web and accessed a speeach by then vice president al gore...all text. No browser!
  • First use of Mosaic Web browser

    The web browser made everything seem easier. And everyone who'd created a web page (all 4 of them ;-). Blakc type on a gray background...but it worked.
  • First web page created

    Out with the SGML, in with the HTML...and rainbow borders! Our team was so proud.
  • AOL account

    eventually got the US Robotics 56K modem for blazing fast access to the walled garden and...AOL chat!
  • Yahoo account

  • Google account

  • Blogger account

  • LinkedIn account

  • MySpace account

  • Facebook account

  • Twitter account

  • Friendfeed account

  • Establish TimeToast Account

  • Create First Timeline using TimeToast