Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Embark up the Missouri

    The Corps of Discorvery begins the travel up the Missouri River
  • Period: to


  • Independence Day

    The Corps of Discovery celebrates Independence Day west of the Missouri River
  • Only Death of the Journey

    Sergeant Charles Floyd dies of apendicitis
  • Great Plains

    The Corps of Discovery enters the Great Plains and sees animals not previousley documented by the U.S. Government
  • Fort Mandan -Start

    The Corps finishes building Fort Mandan
  • Sacagawea's son is born

    Jean Baptiste Charbonneau is Born
  • White Cliffs

    The Corps of Discovery reaches the White Cliffs of the Missouri River
  • A Fork in the Missouri

    The expedition reaches a fork in the Missouri River and must decide which direction to travel.
  • The Great Falls of the Misssouri

    Lewis and Clark reach the Great Falls of the Missouri and must carry the equipment around the falls
  • Beaverhead Rock

    Sacagawea recognizes Beaverhead Rock
  • Lewis Finds That There is no Northwest Passage

    Lewis finds the Missouri headwaters, then travels through Lemhi Pass and learns that there is no Northwest Passage
  • Exiting the Mountains

    The Corps of Discovery exits the Rocky Mountains.
  • Clark Thinks he Sees the Pacific

    Clark sees the estuary of the Columbia River and writes, "Ocian in View! O the joy."
  • Pacific Ocean

    The expedition reaches the Pacific Ocean
  • Leave Fort Clatsop

    Just after a winter with only 12 clear days, the Corps sets out for home.
  • St. Louis

    Lewis and Clark finally reach St. Louis, after 2 1/2 years on the expedition