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  • Sputnik I Launch

    Sputnik I Launch
  • Sputnik II Launch

    Sputnik II Launch
  • Alouette I Launch

    Alouette I Launch
  • Apollo 11 Landing

    Apollo 11 Landing
  • Mars Lander Failure

    Mars Lander Failure
    On this date, the Soviet Union (A.K.A Russia) tried to launch an artificial lander that would reach Mars. They were trying to beat the U.S.A., but their lander failed miserably, failing on launch.
  • Apollo 17 Launch

    Apollo 17 Launch
  • Viking 1 Lands on Mars

    Viking 1 Lands on Mars
  • Voyager 2 Launch

    Voyager 2 Launch
  • Period: to

    Space Shuttle Columbia STS-90

  • IKAROS Launch

    IKAROS Launch