1930's Timeline

  • Turkey Introduce Female Suffrage

       Turkey Introduce Female Suffrage
    LinkWoman from certain races or areas had the ability to vote while other woman in other areas did not. Woman wanted to share and have equal values as men did and wanted to be able to do if not all at least some of the things the men did or own some of the things the men had given to them by the Government’s Representatives.
  • Japan attack on Barracks in Manchuria

     Japan attack on Barracks in Manchuria
    LinkJapan decided to send their troops into Manchuria. The Japanese wanted to gain control of East Asia. When they took control of Manchuria Japan used their natural resources to reach their economic goal for Japan.
  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation Created

     Reconstruction Finance Corporation Created
    Link The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was established and chartered by the US and also administration of Herbert Hoover. This also financed and made loans to the government and provided protection against war and disaster damages to other activities.
  • 20th Amendment Ratified

    20th Amendment Ratified
    Link48 states ratified the 20 amendment in 327 days. The 20 amendment is when they begin presidential and Congressional terms. The Ratification was complete on January 23,1933
  • The Enabling Act.

    The Enabling Act.
    LinkThe Enabling Act was passed by the members of the German Parliament.The members of the Parliament gave Hitler total power and absolute authority in Germany.
  • Train crash in Eastern Paris

    Train crash in Eastern Paris
    Link (scroll down)Two days before Christmas and people where on the train going to see their family members for the holiday. The train tracks where slippery and iced and the train was still driving anyways.The driver of the Strasbourg train passed the signal DANGER in darkness.The sign to warn the train driver was covered with ice and fog.Both trains hit each other because of their troubles seeing and prevented a horrible accident that killed 204 people and left 120 people injured.
  • Gold Act Passed

    Gold Act Passed
    LinkThe Gold act was where the government collected all the gold currency from the people. In a return of the gold the government gave people credit . This act can be changed or taken away at any point in time.
  • US-Russian Commerce Treaty takes Effect

    US-Russian Commerce Treaty takes Effect
    LinkThe United States and the Soviet Union came together to sign a agreement created to grow or gain trade between the two Countries.
  • Social Security Intuitive Act

     Social Security Intuitive Act
    LinkAfter the stock market crash , President Roosevelt told Progress about idea of Social Security Intuitive .Congress passed the bill . On August 14 , 1935 Roosevelt signed it , and the act was put in place. The act was created for the unemployed and old-age benefits and aid to dependent children .
  • Einstein letter to Roosevelt

    Einstein letter to Roosevelt
    LinkEinstein's letter was written to tell President Roosevelt that the Uranium needs to be worked on and built by some American helpers and before Hitler got to it to complete it and keep it far away from Hitler as best as they could because if Hitler got his hands on it that he would’ve built or created a lot of dangerous weapons,and do things that were very unnecessary.