Peyton Manning

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  • Peyton is born

    Peyton is born
    Peyton Peyton is born on March 24, 1976. Parents are Archie and Olivia Manning. He is the second born in his family. Cooper Manning is his older brother. Archie is the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.
  • Starting High School Quarterback

    Starting High School Quarterback
    Sophmore Peyton is a sophmore at Isidore Newman Prep School. He is the starting quarterback. Cooper Manning is a senior and the standout receiver. Peyton leads the team to a 12-2 season. They lost in the state semi-finals.
  • Peyton is Gatorade Player of the Year

    Peyton is Gatorade Player of the Year
    Gatorade Player of the Year Peyton is starting quarter back at Newman Prep still, his senior year. He throws for 39 touchdowns. He is named Gatorade Player of the Year. Newman had a record of 34-5 while Peyton was starting quarterback.
  • Tennessee

    Tennessee Peyton doesn't go to Ole Miss like the rest of his family. He signs with Tennessee. Archie played quarterback at Ole Miss. Cooper played wide receiver for a year at Ole Miss. Eli was an All-American quarterback at Ole Miss.
  • First Start at Tennessee

    First Start at Tennessee
    First Start As a freshman, Peyton watches from the bench. After the team started 1-3, he got his first start. Both the first and second string quarterbacks were injured. He won his first game against Washington State. They won 10-9.
  • Heisman Candidate

    Heisman Candidate
    Heisman In a shocking upset, Peyton doesnt win the Heisman Trophy. He does leave a mark his senior season, going 11-2. Tennessee won the SEC Championship. He broke 33 school records. Also, he broke 8 SEC records, and 2 NCAA records.
  • The Draft

    The Draft
    draft The Indianapolis Colts draft Peyton first overall. He signs a $48 million deal over six years, with an $11.6 million signing bonus. His first pass with the colts is a 48 yrad touchdown pass. He is the seventh youngest starter to play in the NFL.
  • First MVP

    First MVP
    first mvp Manning wins his first MVP of the whole NFL. The colts finish the season 12-4. He led the league with 4,267 passing yards and 29 passing touchdowns. He is first team all-pro and makes it to the probowl. He also received an ESPY for best NFL player.
  • 1st Superbowl

    1st Superbowl
    superbowl The Colts played the Chicago Bears in Superbowl XLI. The colts won 29-17. Peyton was superbowl MVP. He was awarded an ESPY for best chamionship performance. After the Superbowl, manning decided to restructure his salary to save the Colts $8.2 million in salary cap space.
  • Second Superbowl

    Second Superbowl
    Superbowl XLIV Peyton makes his second superbowl appearance in Superbowl XLIV. After winning three years before, Peyton chokes with about three minutes left in the game. He threw an interception to Tracy Porter, who returned it for a touchdown. Peyton manning still won the MVP of the NFL.
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