World War II

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  • Nazi invasion of Poland

    Nazi invasion of Poland
    This was the start to World War II. German Nazi's invaded Poland following the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The invasion ended on October 6, 1939.
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    World War II

  • Warsaw surrenders to Nazi's

    Warsaw surrenders to Nazi's
    During the invasion of Poland the Nazi's take over the city of Warsaw and build concentration camps and death camps.
  • Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Act

    Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Act
    The Lend-Lease Act was the name of the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material between 1941 and 1945
  • Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

    Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
    The morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese planes and submarines attacked the Naval base on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This set us up to enter WWII
  • US and Britain declare war on Japan

    US and Britain declare war on Japan
    The next day following the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States and Britain as Allies declare war on Japan
  • First Americans sent to Britain

    First Americans sent to Britain
    The First American troops are sent to Britain to help the british fight the Nazi's.
  • Liquidation of Ghettos in Poland

    Liquidation of Ghettos in Poland
    Himmler orders the liquidation of all Jewish Ghettos in Poland. Newly built Gas chamber/cremetory III is Set in Auschwitz and death rate is 4,756 per day.
  • D-Day

    America wants full Victory so we invade Normandy, France on the beaches of Utah and Omaha. We also invade through the air.
  • Battle of the bulge

    Battle of the bulge
    was a major German offensive, launched toward the end of World War II through the densely forested Ardennes Mountains region of Wallonia in Belgium, hence its French name, and France and Luxembourg on the Western Front.
  • VJ day

    VJ day
    Victory in Japan day, The day Japan surrenders after the Second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan
  • Hitler suicide

    Hitler suicide
    Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi's commits suicide in his under ground hideout and also his lover Eva Braun died of drinking poison.
  • V-E day

    V-E day
    Victory in Europe day also know as V-E day is the day that the war in Europe was won and declared over.