Romanian Revolution 1989

By ali.mir
  • Protests in Timisaora

    Protests break out in the town of Timisaora
  • More Protests

    There began more protests in Timisoara, where protesters began breaking into the District Building, and threw out papers and documents.
  • Departure of Nicolae Ceausescu

    Ceausescu had a plan to fly to Iran, to meet with their leader. Despite the protests, he left anyway, to get away from the trouble.
  • Securitate in the Centre

    The secret police, were patrolling the streets of the centre in Timisoara, and they stated laws. They attacked civilians who broke the laws.
  • Attempt at Resuming Work

    Nicolae Ceausescu's political men, Radu Bălan and Ştefan Guşă attemped to get the workers in Timisoara to resume work. They tried to no success.
  • Ceausescu Returns

    Ceausescu makes his return from Iran, to a disorganized nation. He makes a televised speech, from a Central Committee Building, talking about how protests were an interference in peace.
  • Storming of Ceausescu's Office

    The protesters in Bucharest broke into Ceausescu's personal office, destroying things in their path.Lucky for Ceausescu, his helicopter was on his roof, and he got away to safety.
  • Execution of a Dictator

    Execution of a Dictator
    Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were caught, and arrested by local police. They were then tried, and found guilty. Moments after they were prounounced guilty, men came in, and tied up the two. They were then executed by firing squad, leaving Romania free of a dictator.