Campanella/Hoover, History of Earth Timeline

  • 5 BYA

    5 BYA
    The soloar system was a swirling mas of dust and gas
  • 4.6 BYA

    4.6 BYA
    The earth began to form and grew larger as debris was pulled together
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    organic molecules accumulate
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    archaeabacteria are belived to have casued the first cellular life on earth
  • 3.5 BYA

    3.5 BYA
    cyanobacteria are discoved
  • 3 BYA

    3 BYA
    Photosynthesis arises in certian organisms
  • 2.2 BYA

    2.2 BYA
    Oxygen as a bioproduct of photosynthesis damaged to many of the early unicellular organisms
  • 2 BYA

    2 BYA
    02 levels reached todays levels
  • 1.5 BYA

    1.5 BYA
    Eukaryotic cell evolves from a aerobic prokaryote (called endosymbiosis)
  • 1 BYA

    1 BYA
    Ozone(O3) formed - protected organisms form harmful UV rays so they could exist on land
  • 1665 first micro scope invented by Robert Hooke

    1665 first micro scope invented by Robert Hooke
  • 1668 Redi's Expiriments

    1668 Redi's Expiriments
  • 1768, Spallanzani's expiriment

    1768, Spallanzani's expiriment
    Spanllanzani conducts his expiriments and finds similar conclusions to Redi's
  • 1967, Lynn Margulis

    1967, Lynn  Margulis
    Lynn Margulis porposed eukaryotic cells were formed from prokaryotic cells
  • 1977, Sidney Fox

    1977,  Sidney Fox
    Fox studies the phsyical structures that gave rise to the first cells
  • 1980s, Thomas Cech

    1980s, Thomas Cech
    Thomas Cech discovers ribozymes, RNA that acts as a chemical catalyst
  • 1864, Louis Poster expiriments

    1864, Louis Poster expiriments
    Louis Poster conducts his expiriments on spontaneous generation
  • 1904, Radiometric dating

    1904, Radiometric dating
    The invention determines earths age by testing rocks
  • 1920s, Alexander Oparin's Hypothesis

    1920s, Alexander Oparin's Hypothesis
    Alexander Oparin forms a hypothesis that the early atmosphere contained NH3,H2,H20,and compounds of C and H. At high temperatures these gases could have formed organic molecules.
  • 1953, Urey and Miller

    1953, Urey and Miller
    Urey and Miller test Oparins hypothesis showing results that agree with his hypothesis