• Munich Beer Hall putsch

    Hitler try to take over the gover mint. He get sent to jail for 5 years but only stay in jail for 9 mouth
  • Mein Kampt

    This is a book that hitler write it. He was in jail and dring this time is where he writ the book. Mein Kampt means My Strugul
  • Black Tuseday

    This day the stock mark crash. This made people scard and alot of the people didt have money now.
  • The usa

    We was spying on japanese. We finger out all there secret
  • hitler tock over germany and reichstag bruns down

    the reichstag was brund down. Hitler declared emgcne and now he is takeing over as a dictator.
  • Third reich

    This is a name that was given to Germany. This is dring the war 2 this name was from 1933 to 1945.
  • Hitler was elected chansler

    He now is the learder of germany. Now germany is apart of nazism country
  • Non Aggression Pact

    Germany and the Soviets union sinde a pact say they will not fight. Gremany the invated poland and the soviets did to at the same time
  • Invasion of poland

    Germany invasioned poland. Then france invasion poland.
  • Tripartite pact

    it has a nuthere name to Three-Power Pact, Axis Pact.
    the 3 are Germany Japan Italy