connor and mauricios science project timeline

  • 5 BYA

    5 BYA
    Solar system began to form and a few million years later the sun began to form aswell
  • 4.6 BYA

    4.6 BYA
    Earth began to form and started colliding with other space debris
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    Volcanos emmit gas forming an atmosphere
  • 4 BYA

    4 BYA
    Organic molecules began to form and accumulate
  • 3.5 BYA

    3.5 BYA
    Lynbgya begin to grow in colonies instde a structure stromatolites
  • 3 BYA

    3 BYA
    photosynthetic life began to form in proved by geologic evidence
  • 2.2 BYA

    2.2 BYA
    Earth appears like it does today
  • 1.5 BYA

    1.5 BYA
    Aerobic life forms began to form for example prokaryotype