Diminishing Progress of Anthony Johson

  • Act X

    Act X states that the Negro population could not own firearms. This Act disables their ability to own guns and other weapons. This statute created a very legal distinction between white and black men. This statute took away safety and the ability to hunt for food for black men.
  • Court Document A

    Negro, Anthony Johnson acquires land in Northampton County. Anthony Johnson receives land from Captain Taylor. Anthony Johnson now owns a field of corn.
  • Act III

    Has been baptized of Christianity is still in bondage for life from Act III. Act III states that slaves even been baptized in Christianity will still be in bondage for life. This means that Christianity does not exempt them for working for life. Before this Act Christian slaves wold be able to wrok for a period of time and exempts them from slavery work. Now tey still would be in bondage or life even being baptized in Christianity.