7cevallosjohnsonHistoryof EarthTimeline

  • (5BYA)Sun is Born

    (5BYA)Sun is Born
    Gas and dust came togther to form our sun. The remaining particles orbited the sun.
  • (4.6BYA) Earth and Other Plantes Form

    (4.6BYA) Earth and Other Plantes Form
    Plantes are formed from repeated collisons from the space debris that was left over from the sun. Soon our home Earth was born.
  • (4BYA) Organic Molecules

    (4BYA) Organic Molecules
    Organic molecules accumulate and form rocks and crystals.
  • (4BYA)

  • (3.5BYA)Fossils

    Stromatolites were fossilized.
  • (3BYA) Photosynthetic

    (3BYA) Photosynthetic
    Some forms of life became photosynthetic. Before them were autotroph organisms that underwent chemosynthesis.
  • (2.2BYA)

  • (2BYA) O2

    (2BYA) O2
    O2 levels reached todays levels.
  • (1.5BYA) First Eukaryotes

    A type of aerobic prokaryote was engulfed by and lived and reproduced inside a larger prokaroyte.
  • (1BYA) Ozone Formed

    (1BYA) Ozone Formed
    The ozone formed and protected organisms from harmful UV rays so they could exists on land.
  • (1700's) Spallanzani

    (1700's) Spallanzani
    Spallanzani found that the open bottle of broth filled with microorganisms.
  • (1953) Miller and Urey

    (1953) Miller and Urey
    Miller and Urey find organic compounds in the gases that Oparin and Haldane predicted.
  • (1970) Organic Compounds from space

    (1970) Organic Compounds from space
    Organic compounds were found on a meterorite.
  • (1900's) Radiometric Dating

    (1900's) Radiometric Dating
    Scientists discover how to use carbon-14 to figure out how old things are.
  • (1668) Redi's Experiment

    (1668) Redi's Experiment
    Redi finds that flies don't come from raw meat.
  • (1800's) Vital force

    (1800's) Vital force
    Pasture proved that Vital force didn't exsist.
  • (1900's) Ribosomes

    (1900's) Ribosomes
    Thomas Cech finds ribosomes.
  • (1900's) Fox

    (1900's) Fox
    Fox discovered shape of early prokaryotes.
  • (1920) Organic Compounds

    (1920) Organic Compounds
    Alexander Oparin and John Haldane discovered that compounds from the Ozone collect in the water and form macromolecules.
  • (1980) RNA

    (1980) RNA
    Thomas Cech discovers RNA