Period 5, Pheng Smith, History of Earth Timeline

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  • 5 Billion Years Ago

    5 Billion Years Ago
    Solar System began to form. (a whirling ball of gas was pulled together by gravity and formed by the sun)
  • 4.6 Billion Years Ago

    4.6 Billion Years Ago
    Earth began to form by colliding with space debris.
  • 4 Billion Years Ago

    Dates the largest known rocks and crystals so scienctists infer that organic molecules began to accumulate.
  • 4 Billion Years Ago

    4 Billion Years Ago
    Types of cellular life first populated the Earth.
  • 3.5 Billion Years Ago

    3.5 Billion Years Ago
    Fossils of stromatolites which are layered structures made of lynboya.
  • 3 Billion Years Ago

    3 Billion Years Ago
    Some forms of life became photosynthetic
  • 2.2 Billion Years Ago

    2.2 Billion Years Ago
    Earth appears
  • 2 Billion Years Ago

    2 Billion Years Ago
    Oxygen levels reached today's levels.
  • 1.5 Billion Years Ago

    1.5 Billion Years Ago
    A type of small aerobic prokaryote was englufed by and began to live inside a bigger prokaryote.
  • 1 Billion Years Ago

    1 Billion Years Ago
    Ozone (O3) formed - protected organisms from harmful UV rays so they could exist on land.
  • 1665 First Microscopes

    1665 First Microscopes
    The first light microscopes were created in 1665. Helping sciencetists to more easily see things that were to small for the human eye to see.
  • 1688 Redi's Experiment

    1688 Redi's Experiment
    Redi in 1668 helped prove that spontaneous generationwas false by the experiment when he used meat by covered one and leaving one uncovered to disprove that flies were born out of meats.
  • 1768 Spallanzani's Experiment

    1768 Spallanzani's Experiment
    Spallanzani’s experiments were the experiment that used broth that was in a open bottle and broth in a closed bottle. His experiment helped conclude that spontaneous generation theory was not true.
  • 1862 Pasteur's Experiment

    1862 Pasteur's Experiment
    Pasteur’s experiment disproved the theory of spontaneous generation all together. His experiment of using a curved bottle neck on a bottle of broth allowed it to touch air but also allowed for no new materials or organisms to contaminating the broth.
  • 1905 Radiometric Dating

    1905 Radiometric Dating
    Radiomertric dateing is a technique tahst used to date things like rocks, based on radioactive isotope and its decay products, using known decay rates. This helps sciencetist know how old the earht is and how things evolve
  • 1924 Oparin's Hypothesis

    1924 Oparin's Hypothesis
    Oparin’s hypothesis suggested that organic compounds could undergo a series of reactions leading to more and more complex molecules. This hypothesis of his said that life forms could have taken part in an evolutionary processes, eventually leading to the first life forms, completely disproving the spontaneous generation theory and helping explain where life actually came from.
  • 1953 Miller/Urey Experiment

    1953 Miller/Urey Experiment
    They did an experiment in using molecules that resembled major components of the early earth’s atmosphere. After running this through an electric current they noticed that this had created some forms of organic material and amino acids. This helped prove that life didn’t just come out of spontaneous generation.
  • 1960 Fox

    1960 Fox
    Fox's research on physical structure has given rise to the first cells.
    Fox showed evidence that the earliest cells were formed through a process that makes coacervates.
  • 1966 Lynn Margulis

    1966 Lynn Margulis
    Lynn Margulis’s theory said that established over time natural selection acting apon mutations could generate new adaptations and new species. This helped explain further how life came to be .
  • 1982 Tomas Cech

    1982 Tomas Cech
    Dr. Cech became the first to show that RNA molecules are able to be passive carriers of genetic information in similar to the way of enzymes.