Period 4, Van Gorden and Bulat, History of earth timeline

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  • (5 BYA) Beginning of the Summer

    (5 BYA) Beginning of the Summer
    Swirling masses of gas and dust which made up the sun formed by collisions of space debri.
  • (4.6 BYA) Thermal Energy

    (4.6 BYA) Thermal Energy
    The collision between earth and space debri released thermal energy.
  • (4 BYA) Surface Rock

    (4 BYA) Surface Rock
    Tells Us when collisions stopped, The earth surface melted many times when formed.
  • (4 BYA) Archael Species

    The archael species methanosaecina banker; produces methane in the metabolism stage. Archaea are thought to be simliar to the types of cellular life one.
  • (3.5 BYA) Fossils

    (3.5 BYA) Fossils
    Fossils of Stromatolites were found from 3.5 BYA. They are formed by layers of Lynbyga stacked on top of each other.
  • (3 BYA) Photosynthetic Life

    (3 BYA) Photosynthetic Life
    some forms of life become photosynthetic the oldest known are of cyanobacteria which are photosynthetic, unicellular prokaryotes
  • (2.2 BYA) Earth's Appearance

    (2.2 BYA) Earth's Appearance
    Earth has most likely seemed to be the same throughout it's entire time in the solar system as a planet!
  • (2 BYA) O2 levels

    (2 BYA) O2 levels
    The O2 levels have reached the levels that they are at today!
  • (2 BYA - 1.5 BYA) Aerobic Prokaryote

    (2 BYA - 1.5 BYA) Aerobic Prokaryote
    A small type of an aerobric prokaryote was engulfed by and began to reproduce in an anaerobic prokaryote. This is called endo-symbrosis which formed into the mitochondria.
  • (1 BYA) Formation of Ozone

    (1 BYA) Formation of Ozone
    The Ozone (O3) protected organisms from harmful UV rays so they could exist on land!
  • (1600-1700) Experiments

    (1600-1700) Experiments
    Robert Houke --> experimented with the early light microscope.
    Redi's experiment - -> forming of flires in enclosed and closed jars!
  • (1800 - 1900) Pasteur

    (1800 - 1900) Pasteur
    Pasteur's experiment --> curved neck flask
  • (1700-1800) Spallanzani

    (1700-1800) Spallanzani
    Spallanzani's experiment --> was a spontaneous generation of microorganisms.
  • (1900-Present) Two More Scientists

    (1900-Present) Two More Scientists
    Thomas Cech --> He was able to work with cytalists (1947)
    Lynn Margulis --> Early prokaryotic cells were developed in a biceentinial relation in 1938!