The Space Shuttle Discovery

  • Discovery's First Launch

    Discovery's First Launch
    Discovery's First LaunchThe shuttle Discovery was launched on Aug. 30, 1984, for the 12th Space Shuttle Mission from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to deploy three communications satellites. This was the first flight for the Space Shuttle Discovery into outer space. The launch was oringinally planned for June 25th, but due to tecnical problems of a main engine, was delayed a few days. It spent six days in space.
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    Discovery's Many Missions

  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Hubble Space Telescope
    The Hubble TelescopeDiscovery's crew kept the Hubble Space Telescope in its cargo bay until it was launched into Earth's orbit on April 25, 1990. The Hubble Telescope has since taken many beautiful photographs of far off outer space. Scientists have learned so much from these outstanding photos. There have been many missions made by other space shuttles to repair and update the Hubble Telescope. This mission made by Discovery took 5 days, and landed on April 29, 1990.
  • John Glenn Goes to Space, Again

    John Glenn Goes to Space, Again
    Aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, at age 77, United States Senator John Glenn became the oldest person, to date, to go into space. This was the second flight for John Glenn. This was the 92nd Space Shuttle Mission. The mission lasted 9 days, and Discovery landed back on Earth on November 7, 1998. The mission's objectives involved investigating life-sciences experiments, using the SpaceHab to perform these experiments on Senator Glenn.
  • Mission to the International Space Station

    Mission to the International Space Station
    Launching of Space Shuttle Discovery: May 27, 1999 Space Shuttle Discovery became the first shuttle flight to dock with the International Space Station. It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida on May 27, 1999. It was a logistics and resupply mission for the International Space Station. This was the 94th Space Shuttle Mission.
  • 100th Shuttle Mission

    100th Shuttle Mission
    Discovery Landing in CaliforniaThe launching of Space Shuttle Discovery from the Kennedy Space Center on October 11, 2000, marked the 100th mission of the Space Shuttle. During the mission, the crew delivered and installed important elements to the International Space Station. The crew conducted four space walks to get the job done.
    The mission lasted 13 days and landed on October 24, 2000 at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Discovery needed to stay in outer space for two extra days due to bad weather for landing.
  • Final Flight of Discovery

    Final Flight of Discovery
    It took 8 1/2 minutes for the space shuttle Discovery to reach orbit. What does it look like from an airplane?The Space Shuttle Discovery took its final flight into outer space. It was launched on February 21, 2011, visited the International Space Station, and returned home March 9, 2011. In a few months, after crews take off many extra parts, Discovery will make its way to the Smithsonian Museum to be proudly displayed to the public.