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History of Sega Software

  • Founded

    Sega was founed as Standerd Games in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mark Bromely Said that his company would make a good deed adn desighned coin machines for American soliders in WWII.
  • Boonimg Expantion

    Boonimg Expantion
    David Rosen Founded Rosen Enterprises and encereges Bromely to move his company to Japan, which was economicly booming.
  • Compining and conquring

    Compining and conquring
    In 1965, Rosen Enterprises and Standerd games compined to make Sega Enterprises, which made busness extermely prosperous.
  • Period: to


    When Gulf+ West purchesed Sega, Rosen remand the CEO. In
    1976, Sega released the Sega Vision, the first large screen Television.
  • The war begins.

    The war begins.
    When sony increased production, Sega Began releasing SMG 1000s at a fast rate, and the compatition between them begans.
  • U.s. is included

    U.s. is included
    Since the U.s. at the time had made the video game market blooom, Sega Began to sell their games in the U.S.
  • New Mascot

    New Mascot
    With the Sega Master system becoming a smashm hit, Sega needed a new offical mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog became the 'new gen' Compared to nitendo's mario. The first Sonic game was releaed the same year.
  • Period: to

    Console war

    Over the next eight years, after nintendo lauched Super nintendo a few months later, this spiked the "console war" Sega retilliated with the Sega CD, a storage divice for their CD_Rom. The home market, fell alot, so they realsed the Geisis. It was a hit, but the flaw was the lack of software, whch disproved the quality of the console. Only more losses would preceed, such as the Dreamcast and the Saturn, which did not do so well in the market.
  • Major bummer

    Major bummer
    Oh no! Bad things happend over and over again, Sega sales were at a all-time low.which only made it worse when the CEO of
    CSK died in 2001, He did donate tewnty million dollars, but that still did not ease the pressure of debt.
  • Stop and start over!

    Stop and start over!
    After their recent bad streak, they desided to stop making consloes.And Sega helped Microsoft pruduce the Xbox, which helped bring in profit. Then they made games with fellow Japanese game company, Capcom, they sold twenty games in two years, including Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3,and 4.