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American Progressivism

By Kurt
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    American Progressive Era

  • Early Reformers - Henry George

    Early Reformers - Henry George
    Henry George writes Progress and Poverty in an effort to explain why poverty continued to plague such an advanced civilization.
  • Period: to

    American Progressive Era

  • Mother Jones

    Mother Jones
    After losing her husband and four children to yellow fever in 1867 and everything in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, she rebuilds her life and starts to help organize unions for workers, both men and women......becomes best known for organizing unions in the mines of West Virginia and Colorado
  • Edward Bellamy

    Edward Bellamy
    Newspaper editor who publishes Looking this novel, a Boston man undergoes hypnosis in 1887 and wakes up in the year 2000. Upon waking, the man finds the United States transformed. In place of harsh working conditions, poverty, and political corruption, he finds a UTOPIAN COUNTRY where the government has taken over the largest companies.
  • Women Reformers

    Women Reformers
    Joins Jane Adaam's Hull House in Chicago and through her efforts, Illinois will be first state to pass a law prohibiting child labor, limiting working hours for women, and regulating sweatshop conditions.
  • National Consumers League

    National Consumers League
    Not sure exactly what month they were founded, but Kelly will serve as general secretary and the league spearheads national movements to outlaw child labor and prtect workers, especially women.
  • National Reclamation Act

    National Reclamation Act
    Created to plan and develop irrigation projects
  • United States Forest Service

    United States Forest Service
    Created to manage the nation's water and timber resources.
  • International Workers of the World

    International Workers of the World
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Pure Food and Drug Act
    Upton's Sinclair turns the nation stomachs by publishing THE JUNGLE, a novel based on his investigations og the turn of the century meatpacking industry.
  • Traingle Shirtwaist Factory

    Traingle Shirtwaist Factory
    Firefighters wage a losing battle against the deadly blaze in the upper floors of the 10-story 135-foot Asch Building housing the women workers.......only one open stairway to the roof. Public and private groups call on cities to finally appoint fire inspectors.
  • You Tube documentary

    You Tube documentary' >Shirtwaist video doc.</a>
  • The Bull Moose Party

    The Bull Moose Party
    Radical Progressive Party led by a young Teddy Roosevelt and their party beacme the nickname of the Progressive support of the Muckrakers like Sinclair and Upton to expose the industries.
  • Catostrophic flood

    Catostrophic flood
    Not sure about the day, but I have the month and year correct. In march 13, Ohio's Great Miami River Basin flooded the city of dayton, killing 360 people and causing damage of more than $100........In the aftermath, Dayton became the first large city to adopt a council-manager government. Typically, this system includes an elected city council, which sets laws and appoints a professional city manager to run city services.
  • Federal Reserve System

    Federal Reserve System
    The act divided the country into 12 districts, each with a Federal Reserve bank owned by its member banks......every national bank was required to become a member of the Federal Reserve bank in its district and to deposit some of its capital and cash reserves in that bank.
  • Women's Suffrage

    Women's Suffrage
    Women gain the right to vote