Events That Led To War Against Central Powers

By melbym
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    Events leading up to Declaration

  • British Naval Blockade

    British Naval Blockade
    British blocked the German coast with suspicions of ships with contraband. Approxiamately 750,000 Germans starved to death as a result of the blockade.
  • Sinking of the Luistainia

    Sinking of the Luistainia
    Occured off the southern coast of Ireland. A U-boat sank the Luistania, a British ship. 1,198 people died, with 128 of them being Americans.
  • Arabic Sinking

    Arabic Sinking
  • Sussex Sinks

    Sussex Sinks
  • He Kept Us Out of War

    He Kept Us Out of War
  • Peace Without Victory

    Peace Without Victory
  • Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
  • Sinking of Four Unarmed American Ships

  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
  • Overthrow of Nicholas II

  • President Wilson's War Message

    President Wilson's War Message
  • Declaration of War