child one from three

  • physical developmental

    12-18 months
    - turn several page of a book at a timeects mb and with thu
    pick up small ojects from hand to hand
    -may walk alone or while holding a caregiver's hand
    -sit down without help
    -slide down stair backwards, one step at a time
  • emotion

    trying to establish some control over his/ her life
  • intellectual

    1 year
    begins to put two words together
    name common object and people
    findsvhidden objrcts
  • Period: to


  • milestone

    1 year
    plays alone but often
    dislikes sharing toy
  • milestones

    2 years
    engages in parael play
    play simple game with others bcsses other
  • emotion

    affectionate and may often be in the caregiver's way
  • emotion

    2 1/2
    may feel overwhelmed ,and frustration become anger
  • intellectual

    know about 500 words
    follows simple directions
    identifies color
  • physical deve.

    2-2 1/2
    stack from two to four blocks
    grasps crayons with a first and scribbles
    walks well
    jumps in place
    climbs up and down
    pull toys with wheels
  • physical deve.

    stacks nine ten block
    cut with sciss
    recognizable picture
    catch a ball
  • emotion

    generally a happy child who is eager to help
  • milestone

    take part in brief group activities
    takes turn
    like to help
    shows affection
  • intellectual

    use longer sentence
    know about 900 words
    follows two -part direction
    sort color and shap
  • physical deve.

    2 1/2-3
    stacks eight block
    screw lids on and off con tainers
    draws circle
  • emotion

    3 1/2
    child is ofter bothered by fears