World War 1, Isaac and Trent, 7th period

By custer
  • British Naval Blockade

    British Naval Blockade
    Blockade of the German coast to prevent weapons and other military supplies from getting o the military. Americans were angry about the blockade befcause it threatened freedom of seas and prevented american good to reach German ports.
  • Period: to

    Leading United States to war

  • Lusitania Sinking

    Lusitania Sinking
    This boat got sank by the one of the German's U-boats. IT sank off the southern coast of Ireland. 1,198 people lost their lives and 128 of those people were Americans.
  • Arabic Sinking

    Arabic Sinking
    This was the second boat that was sank by the German U-boats. when it was sunk it had killed two americans.
  • Sussex Sinking

    Sussex Sinking
    Germany agreed to stop sinking passenger boats, but they did not stick to their word. Soon after they said that they sunk another boat called the Sussex.
  • "He Kept Us Out of War."

    "He Kept Us Out of War."
    President Wilson campaigned with this slogan. people soon bought on to this slogan. He ran against Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes.
  • Peace Without Victory

    Peace Without Victory
    Neither side would impose harsh terms on one another. Hoped all nations would join a "league of peace."
  • Unrestricted Submarine Warefare

    Unrestricted Submarine Warefare
    Germany said that they would sink all the ships in British waters no matter if they were hostile or neutral. This meant that the United States would have to go to war.
  • Zimmerman Note

    Zimmerman Note
    Telegram from the German foreign minister. It proposed an alliance between Mexico and Germany. If war broke out Germany would support Mexico.
  • Sinking of four American Merchant Ships.

    Sinking of four American Merchant Ships.
    The Germans continued to sink ships and four of them happened to be American merchant ships. The United States lost 36 live from these four ships sinking.
  • Overthrow of Nicholas the II

    Overthrow of Nicholas the II
    Since he was overthrown, supporters if American entry into the war could claim that this was a war of democracies against brutal monarchies.
  • Prsident Wilsons War Message

    Prsident Wilsons War Message
    When pesident Wilson gave his message about war he said that property can be paid for, but the lives of peacful and innocent people cannot be.
  • Declaration of War Against the Central Powers

    Declaration of War Against the Central Powers
    Americans were hoping to stay neutral but, they sent troops anyway to help the Allies. Wilson watnted a world "safe for democracy."