• Stapler

    The stapler has been advancing for hundreds of years. now, its small, portabl, and easy to use. Its used to use a staple and pin it onto two papers to make them stick together.
  • Piano

    They Piano goes way back and was first created in Italy. And it grew slowly in polularity. Today, there are millions of people who play the piano.
  • Morphine

    Morphine was extracted from the opium plant and was originally used for opium addiction and it was later found out its it much much more addictive than any alcohol. now it is reccomended by doctors to help relieve pain.
  • Stethoscope

    A symbol of medicine to diagnose heart problems. It helps patients find out that there is something wrong with their heart before something bad happens.
  • Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster
    The roller coaster wasnt originally meant to ride for fun. it was meant to transport things down a mountain. The 1800's was when they were being built and used for fun.
  • Electro Magnet

    An electromagnet is a magnet thats elecromagnetic field is powered with an electric flow. This makes the magnet much more power ful and it can be used to extract metal.
  • Typewriter

    New writing machine. It was much faster than writing and it was much easier to read than the cursive that was used.
  • Revolver

    Samuel Colt invented the first revolver. It is called a revolver for the revolving cylinder. The Colt remained the only type of revolver for a long time but now there are tons of deifferent revolver.
  • Rubber Band

    Jerry Perry vreated the rubber band. Its a small elestic loop that can be stretched and told on tightly when wrapped around something.
  • Chewing Gum

    Chewing Gum
    Really chewing gum has been around since the ancient greeks except their chewing gum was the sap off the mastic trees but its the same concept. New we all kinds of gum with a ton of different flavors.
  • Dynamite

    Dynamite was originally meant to help makes miner jobs easier so they could mine faster. Now it is used to knock down buildings.
  • Radio

    The radio uses radiowaves to send and recieve data.
  • Refrigerator

    People have been able to find ways since year 1000. However the first electronic one was invented in !876 and now, people have refigerators and freezers in one machine and they can their temperatures can be can be changed.
  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector
    When the metal detector was fist being used, it couldn't read anything more than one inch below the suface. Now metal detecotors are used medically to find metal inside of their patients faster.
  • Zipper

    Zippers are meant to be able to increase or deacrese the opening on a shirt or jacket. This is significant because you can zip up a jacket to make yourself warmer and if you are too hot you can unzip it.
  • Ball Point Pen

    Ball Point Pen
    The ball point pen was created so that a quill wouldnt have to be constantly dipped in ink to write.
  • Hot air Baloon

    Hot air Baloon
    Hot air baloons are huge baloons that float in the sky. Tourists use them a lot because of the amazing views you get while being in them.