Jackie's Protest Civil Rights

By jab413
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    Protests Timeline

  • Brown V. Board of Education

    A land mark decision of the Supreme court that declared that their will be seperate schools for blacks and for whites.
  • Montgomery bus botcott

    A political and social protest ageanst racial segregation on the public transit system
  • Woolworth's Sit-in

    Four student walk into woolworths store and sat down at the lunch bar and ordered coffe but we denied service and they staye thier until the store closded.
  • Freedom Rides

    Civil rights activest rode interstate buses to test the United states Supreme court. It was schelduled to arrive in new orleans on May 17th
  • Birmingham Children's March and Boycott

    and it went on til may 4 of 1963. It was to bring attention to the unequal treatmen of black americans. The campaign ran during the spring of 1963.
  • March on Washington

    A large rally in Support of the civil rights and econmic rights for all the aferican americans. This whole rally took place im washinton. Also on the day MLK gave his famous I have a Dream speach.
  • Selma to Montgomery March

    Three marches that marked the political and emotional peak of the civil rights movement. their was a march on March 7, March 9 and March 21.