Renee's Timeline

  • Sentenced to Death

    Tim McVeigh sentenced to death for Oaklahoma City bombing.
  • I was born

    I was born in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Chinese Rule

    Hong Kong returns to Chinese Rule. The country used to be under British rule.
  • First bombing of twin towers

    Two convicted in first bombing of World Trade Center.
  • President's Scandal

    President Clinton is accused of sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky.
  • Una bomber

    Una bomber sentenced to 4 life sentences.
  • The Euro

    Europeans agree on single currency called the Euro.
  • Financial Collapse

    Russia fights to stop financial collapse
  • South African president steps down

    Nelson Mandela, the South African president steps down
  • JFK Junior dies

    John F. Kennedy Junior dies in plane crash off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.
  • Earthquake in Turkey

    The 7.4 earthquake kills about 15,600 and leaves about 600,000 homeless in Turkey.
  • US Presidential Election

    Disputed US presidential election decided by Supreme Court 5 to 4 in favor of George Bush.
  • US Sailors are killed.

    The Us Sailors on navy destroyer in yemen on boat Cole are killed.
  • Mad Cow Diesease

    Mad cow disease in Europe
  • Terrorists attack Twin Towers

    Terrorists attack World Trade Center and the Pentagon
  • Rail Crash

    107 peopld dead in Amagasaki rail crash in Japan
  • Hand grenade attempt

    Hand grenade thrown 20 meters away from George bush but does not detonate.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina strikes the coast of Louisiana to Florida
  • Disney Land!

    Hong Kong Disney Land opens!
  • Britain's biggest robbery

    Six men stage Britain's biggest robbery from Securitas Depot. They stole $92.5 million worth of stuff.
  • Protests in US

    Many protest against HR4437 (aka Sensenbrenner Bill) in US.
  • Tornado!

    Tornado rips through Iowa City. It was the first recorded tornado that hit Iowa directly.
  • Suddam Hussein is executed

  • Stock exchange falls in Shanghai

    Shanghai stock exchange falls 9%, which was the largest drop in 10 years.
  • Tornadoes in Southern US kill at least 20

  • Tomb of Herod the Great is Discovered

    The Tomb of Herod the Great was found somewhere near Jerusalem.
  • Dalai Lama recieves award

    The Dalai Lama receives US Congressional Gold Medal.
  • Assasination Attempt

    Afghan President survives assassination attempt of Taliban militants.
  • New Prime Minister

    Brian Cowen is elected the new prime minister of Israel.
  • Democrat from MA diagnosed with disease.

    Edward Kennedy is diagnosed with malignant glioma
  • Conneticut Legalizes Gay Marriage

  • Barrack Obama is the first black President

  • Taliban attacks Pakistani Troops

    About 40 militants and 6 soldiers were dead from the attack.
  • Shooting in a Holocaust Museum kills a Gaurd

  • Earthquake in Indonesia

    The 7.6 magnitude earthquake kills at least 700 people
  • BP oil spill devastates Gulf of Mexico