The Lewis and Clark, Exposition.

  • Preparing

    Lewis and Clark prepared for the exposition on this day.
  • Period: to


  • Meeting

    William Clark and four dozen other people met with Meriwether Lewis.
  • Death

    Sargeant Charles Floyd died from appendict failer.
  • Grizzly Bears

    Grizzly Bears
    Lewis Meriwether, William Clark, And the four dozen other people, decided they didn't want to do the exposition anymore because they saw a couple of Grizzly Bears.
  • A wind

    A wind
    The ezposition almost lost one of two pirogues when all of a sudden a gust of wind caught caught the sails and heeled the vessels over its side
  • Mountians.

    Lewis saw mountians for the first time.
  • An Important Decision.

    An Important Decision.
    They had to make an important descision. It was to choose which part of the forked river to go threw. They chose the north route because it looked better.
  • The First.

    The First.
    Meriwether Lewis became the first white man to see the Great Falls of the Missourri River.
  • Indians

    Lewis spotted indians in horesback. It was the first Indian they had seen since Fort Mandan.
  • The End.

    The End.
    They reached Saint Louis and the expedition ended.