child development ages 1-3

  • physical 1-3

    12-18 months
    -turns several pages of a book at a time
    -picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger
    -moves objects from hand to hand
    -may walk alone or while holding a caregiver's hand
    -sits down without help
    -slides down stairs backwards, one step at a time
  • self feeding 1-3

    1 year
    -finger foods such as bananas
    -start drinking from cups with lids, spouts, and handles
  • social development milestones 1-3

    1 year
    -plays alone but often near others
    -dislikes sharing toys
    -desires approval
    -fears some strangers
  • intellectual 1-3

    1 year
    -begins to put two words together
    -names common objects and people
    -understands "no" but ignores
    -finds hidden objects
  • Period: to

    ages 1-3

  • physical 1-3

    18 months
    -stacks from to four blacks
    -grasps crayons witha fist and scribbles
    -walks well
    -jumps in place
    -climbs up or down one stair
    -pull toys with wheels
  • emotional 1-3

    -have temper tantrums
    -get frustrated when unable to do things
    -use the word "no" a lot
  • social patterns 1-3

    18 months
    -parallel play
    -treat other people more as objects
    -play by themselves
  • self feeding 1-3

    2 years
    -learns how to eat with fork
    -feeds themselves
    -eats with rest of the family
  • physical 1-3

    2 years
    -stacks six blocks
    -turns one page of a book at a time
    -picks up objects from the floor without losing balance
    -walks with more coordination and confidence
    -jumps off the bottom step
    -pushes self on wheeled toys
  • emotional 1-3

    2 years
    -is affectionate
    -often in caregivers way
    -expresses love
    -easier to reason with at two
    -less self-centered
  • social patterns 1-3

    2 years
    -can read caregivers mood
    -good at understanding and interacting
    -find it fun to play with others
  • social developmental milestones 1-3

    2 years
    -engages in parallel play
    -plays simple games with others
    -bosses other chidren
    -says please if prompted
  • piaget's four period's of learning

    birth -2 years
    children learn through their senses and own actions
  • intellectual 1-3

    2 years
    -uses two-to three-word sentences
    -knows about 500 words
    -follows simple directions
    -identifies colors
  • physical 1-3

    2 1/2 years
    -stacks eight blocks
    -screws lids on and off containers
    -draw circles and horizontal and vertical lines
    -alternates feet going up stairs but not going down
    -runs but may not be able to stop smoothly
    -throws a ball overhead but inaccurately
  • emotional 1-3

    2 1/2 years
    -may feel overwhelmed
    -distracted easily
  • social patterns 1-3

    2 1/2 years
    -has social relationships
    -refuses to do anything at all for one person
    -begins to learn about the rights of others
  • physical 1-3

    3 years
    -stacks nine or ten blocks
    -cuts with scissors
    -draws recongnizable pictures
    -jumps up and down in place with both feet
    -catches a ball with arms straight
    -rides a tricycle
  • self feeding

    3 years
    -skillful with using spoon and fork
    -have full set of primary teeth, used for chewing without problems
    -meats and other tough food should be cut into small pieces
  • emotional 1-3

    3 years
    -more cooperative
    -learning to be considerate
    -talks better
    -modify behavior for praise
  • social patterns 1-3

    3 years
    -begin cooperative play
    -seek friends on their own
    -work in small groups
  • social developmental milestones

    3 years
    -takes part in brief group activities (cooperative play)
    -takes turns
    -likes to help
    -shows affection
  • intellectual 1-3

    3 years
    -uses longer sentences
    -knows about 900 words
    -follows two-part directions
    -sorts by color and shape