• Dien Bien Phu

    Vietnamese occupy French command post, French commander orders cease fire 3,000 french troops died, 8,000 hurt. 8,000 Viet Mihn dead, 12,000 Injured. French resolve to carry out the war.
  • Ho Chi Mihn Trial

    Group 559, Vietnamese army unit formed to create a supply route. North Vietnam to Vietcong in South Vietnam.
  • Operation Rahchand

    In early 1962 Operation Ranchhand begins. It is an operation that clears vegetation near highways making it difficult for Vietcong to hide.
  • Gulf Tonkin Attack

    South Vietnamese attack two North Vietnamese islands in Gulk Tonkin. The U.S. Maddox, sent an order for an air attack, to draw away North Vietnamese from Commandos.
  • Gulf Tonkin Resolution

    The resolution was passed this day. The resolution saying President Johnson has the right to take whatever action that is necessary in defence of coutheast Asia.
  • Beggining of Rolling Thunder

    President Johnson authorizes Opperation Rolling Thunder. This opperation was meant to prevent North Vietnam from supporting the guerrillas in the South. In our deffense Bombs. It lasted from February 1965 to October 1968
  • U.S. Peace offering for Economic Aid.

    U.s. offers Economic aid (North Vietnam) instead of peace. this offer was rejected.
  • Johnson send 60,000 troops to Vietnam

    After Johnsons offer is rejected he sent 60,000 troops into Vietnam, thus resulting in the first major battle for American Units. Australlia and Korean Forces join as well
  • Operation Junction City

    Air Assult. Largest one in history, The goal was to destroy Vietcong forces and Vietcong Military headquarters.
  • Khe Sanh attacked By Vietcong.

    The US Marine base Khe Sanh was attacked by the Vietcong.
  • Tet Offensive begins

    The Tet offensive was a series of suprise attacks on cities throughout South Vietnam by the Vietcong.
  • Nixon takes Office

    Nixon takes office. When he enters office he want's the war to end and to bring our troops home, but he wants to make sure South Vietnam will still survive.
  • Operation Menu

    President Nixon signs off on Operation Menu. this opperation was the bombing North Vietnam and Vietcong forces in Cambodia.
  • My Lai massacre

    My Lai a US company kills around 200 citizens in hamlet
  • All but 133,000 US troops have come home

    All but 133,000 of the US troops have come home, leaving the rest of the war to the South Vietnam Army
  • Peace talks break down

    In Paris peace talks between the US and North Vietnam break down.
  • Peace talks Resume

    The US resumes peace talks in Paris.
  • Cease Fire Signed

    All parties involved in the war sign a cease fire, which may lead to the end of the war.
  • Last Casualties for the US and final evacuation

    All US troops are now out of Vietnam. The war is over for the US
  • President Nixon Resigns

    President Nixon resigns as president of the US.