The Musket Wars in New Zealand

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  • The Venus arrives in the Bay of Islands

    The Venus arrives in the Bay of Islands
    The Venus is stolen from Hobart by the First Mate Kelly and Catherine Hagerty. They kidnap several women from the Ngapuhi and trades them to Iwi near Tauranga and Opotiki. The women are relatives of Te Morenga (his neice Tawatapu and his sister) and Hongi Hika. The women are killed and eaten as an insult to Ngapuhi.
    Distance makes these tribes feel safe.
    Traditionally this would worked for them.
    Catherine Hagerty leaves the Venus in the Bay of Islands to become our first female Pakeha-Maori.
  • Battle of Moremonui

    Battle of Moremonui
    Ngati Whatua ambush a taua from Ngapuhi. 150 are killed including Hongis brothers and sister. It is called also called Te Kai-a-te-Karoro (The Feast of Seagulls). This is despite Ngapuhi having at least 6 muskets. Hika will take 17 years to exact Utu for this event.
  • Period: to

    The Northern Border Wars

    Clashes between Ngapuhi, Te Raroa and Ngati Whatua. Raiding into southern areas on both coasts begin.
    Limited access to muskets means there is little real change from earlier clashes. This period Various Ngapuhi hapu (Ngati Korokoro) and affiliated tribes begin to fight with Ngati Whatua hapu (Ngati Roroa). Ngapuhi are led by Patuone and Waka Nene.
    In 1813 Hika attacks Ngati Korokoro becasue they are rumoured to have feated at Moremonui.
    While he is away Ngati Pou attack his own pa near Kaikohe.
  • Period: to

    The Northern Raids begin

    Ngapuhi tribes begin to regularly raid south during the summer.
    Few muskets are used, sometimes only 2-3 are available.
  • Murupaenga and Te Rauparaha

    Murupaenga and Te Rauparaha
    Murupaenga of Ngati Whatua is joined by Te Rauparaha of Nagti Toa in a raid against the Te Atiawa. Its success led to an invitation for a future taua of greater magnitude and length.
  • Hikas first major expedition

    Concurrent with Te Morenga Hika also travelled south to the Bay of Plenty. They never actually crossed paths. He attcaked from maketu eastward. He also returned with hunndreds of slaves and hunderds more heads.
  • Amiowhenua #1 leaves Bay of Islands

    Amiowhenua #1 leaves Bay of Islands
    The first Amiowhenua (Encircling the island) Taua departs. Led by Te Morenga and Hika. Te Morenga seeks utu against Te Waru of Tauranga who was held responsible for the death of Tawatapu. The pusuit of Te Waru will take Te Morenga across the Bay of Plenty to Whakatane. THe Taua will be away for 12 months and returns with 500 heads and 2000 slaves. This is accomplished with only 35 muskets.
  • Ngapuhi raid the Bay of Plenty

    Ngapuhi raid the Bay of Plenty
    Hongi and Te Morenga raid into BoP in revenge for the Te Morengas neice. He will be away for almost a year.
  • Hongi Hika visits England

    Hongi Hika visits England
    Hika convinces kendall to take him and Waikato to London to see the King. He sells land to de Thierry and sells gifts to acquire at least 200 muskets.
  • Fighting escalates.

    Waikato expel Ngati Toa led by Te Rauparaha from Kawhia. The second great heke Amiowhenua sees Ngapuhi under Te Kawau and Tukoreho attack as far as Whanganui-a-tara (Wellington).
    Hika returns and defeats Ngati Paoa and Ngati Maru.
  • Hongi Hika returns from Britain.

    Hongi Hika returns from Britain.
    After stopping in Sydney Hika is able to trade his gifts, including a suit of armour for muskets. He returns to NZ with 300 guns.
  • Hongi Hika try's out his new guns

    Hongi Hika try's out his new guns
    Hika leada a taua againsy Ngati Paoa near Tamaki. The success of this campaign convinces him to escalate his attacks.
  • Fighting spreads south

    Pomare attacks Bop.
    Hika invades Waikato.
    Te Rauparaha begins heke to Kapiti, attacking Te Atiawa along the way.
  • Hika and the Arawa

    Hika and the Arawa
    Hika invades Te Arawa and attacks Mokoia island (Rotorua).
    Despite retreating onto the Island 3000 Arawa are killed after Hika portages his canoes across the land.
  • Te Rauparaha continues south

    Te Rauparaha attacks the Horowhenua district.
  • Te Rauparaha's drives south

    Te Rauparaha's drives south
    Te Rauparaha attacks Ngati Apa and Rangitane in the Manawatu.
  • Ngapuhi dominance weakens

    Ngati Whatua attack Whangarei.
  • Hika's Revenge for Moremonui

    Hika's Revenge for Moremonui
    Hongi Hika defeats Ngati Whatua and pursues them into Waikato. At last after 17 years he has his utu for Moremonui.
  • Hika attacks Whangaroa

    Hika attacks Whangaroa
    In a raid against Whangaroa which sees the Weslyan Mission sacked Hika is seriously wounded.
  • Hongi Hika dies

    Hongi Hika dies
    After surviving for a year his wound finaly kills the great chief.
  • Ngati Toa attack Ngai Tahu

    Ngati Toa attack Ngai Tahu
    After successfully attacking the Nelson and Marlborough, Te Rauparaha is repulsed at Kaikoura after his friend Te Peehi Kupe is killed by Tamaiharanui over a dispute involving greenstone. In 1830 he will exact his utu.
  • The Elizabeth Affair

    The Elizabeth Affair
    Te Rauparaha sets a bargain with Capt Stewart of the Elizabeth, For a load of flax Stewart will transport the chief and a taua to the South Island. At Kaiapoi, Tamaiharanui, his wife and daughter are captured. They strangle their daughter to save her from Ngati Toa. Tamaiharanui is subsequently tortured to death by Te Peehi's widow. Capt. Stewart is briefly held in Sydney but flees when charges are dropped. (British law has no jurisdiction in NZ).
  • Ngati Mutunga invade the Chatham Islands

    Ngati Mutunga invade the Chatham Islands
    Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama force the Lord Rodney to transpot a large taua to the Chathams. Moriori choose not to confront them and are taken into slavery. While Slavery disappears in the rest of the Empire, it continues on the Chathams until the 1860's.
    By 1900 the Moriori are almost extinct as a people.
  • Last Gasps before the Treaty

    Ngai Terangi and Waikato attack Maketu.
  • Period: to

    The Last Hurrah

    Te Heuheu leads last Taua against Nga Rauru.
    Reinforces view that Britains control over on NZ was still relatively weak. Essentially NZ is only British in a few coastal zones.