12 Historical Film Events

  • First camera was made

    First camera was made
    Alphonse Giroux man made the first camera in 1839, before this there were many experiments and photos were made yes, but Alphonse Giroux made the first photographic camera that was developed for commercial manufacture was a daguerreotype camera.
  • First film made

    First film made
    The first film produced was named The Horse In Motion, made using cabinet cards and produced by photographer Eadweard Muybridge.
  • Earliest animated film

    Earliest animated film
    Charles-Emile Reynaud made the earliest recorded animated film in 1888, it showed in the Theatre Optique, the first one which was called Pauvre Parrot
  • First movie camera made

    First movie camera made
    The first film camera was invented by Louis Le Prince. After many tries, he finally made one lens to capture many pictures at once which turned into moving pictures. Later, he made movies with the moving pictures.
  • First actor to get paid a lot

    First actor to get paid a lot
    Charlie Chaplin was the first actor to be paid. He was a comedian and got paid firts $250 a month. But, later he started earning over a million a year.
  • First comedy made

    First comedy made
    The first filmed comedy was made in Lyon France in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers. The French title, L'Arroseur Arrosé, is translated into English as The Sprinkler Sprinkled. It is a great example of prank comedy.
  • First action film released

    First action film released
    Before the first action film was released, there was mainly comedy or drama. But, after making so many comedies, they had an idea to mix comedy and romance with fighting to make an action film, its named The Great Train Robbery.
  • First movie stunt

    First movie stunt
    The first movie stunt performed by a person ever was Frank Hanaway in The Great Train Robbery shot in 1903 in milltown.
  • First animated cartoon

    First animated cartoon
    A group of artists got ideas from the first film that if they cna take mny pictures of little movement and make a film, they could too. So, they drew a picture ofver and over with only little movement. Once they put all the pictures, it made a cartoon film.
  • First paid movie stunt

    First paid movie stunt
    In 1908 in the film Count of Monte Cristo a stunt actor was paid 5 dollars to jump upside down off a cliff into the sea. 5 DOLLARS THOUGH?!
  • Warner Bros is created

    Warner Bros is created
    The studio behind some great movies like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, etc. Warner Brothers is a highly successful studio. Also, one of the most popular movie studios to this day.
  • First movie with sound

    First movie with sound
    The first movie with sounds is The Jazz Singer, an American musical film released in 1927, its the first feature length movie with synced dialogue.