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The Corps of Discovery; The Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • The Expedition Begings

    The Expedition Begings
    The Expedition includes 40+ men from around the country including brothers, Canadian/Native Americans, carpenters, tailors and other captains. The expeditioners taveled in a big keel boat and some other small boats called pirogues.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd Dies

    Sergeant Charles Floyd Dies
    A burst appendix is hat many people believe Sergeant Charles Floyd died from while on the Corps of Discovery. Sergeant Charles Floyd was the only man to die during the great expedition, exploring the vast Louisiana Purchase and was burried near, what is now, Sioux City, Iowa, which was called Hiltop and was also near a stream that was named after this poor expedtioner (Floyd's River.)
  • The Captains Decide to Build Fort Mandan

    The Captains Decide to Build Fort Mandan
    In what is now Bismarck, North Dakota, the captains of The Corps of Discovery decide to build Fort Mandan. The fort was across the river from the Mandan Village. The village contained about 4,500 people, which was more people than what St. Louis or Washington D.C. had at the time!
  • Meet Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau

    Meet Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau
    Toussaint Charbonneau was a French fur trapper and he lived with the Hidatsas, to serve as an interpreter. Sacagawea, a Shoshone, was taken from her tribe when she was young(er) by the Hidatsas and was sold (along with another Shoshone) to Toussaint Charbonneau. They got married and helped Lewis and Clark navigate and also helped interpret.
  • Fort Mandan is Complete; Time For Winter!

    Fort Mandan is Complete; Time For Winter!
    The expedition stayed at Fort Mandan for the winter of 1804.
  • News For Mr. President

    News For Mr. President
    While the actual expedtioners head west,in the pirogues, expedition now has 33 expeditioners total. They were about to enter a country about two thousand miles in width, that no civilized man had ever gone. But before they began again, they sent a dozen men back to Jefferson in the keelboat with maps, reports, and indian artifacts. They also sent indian corn, animal skins, skeletons, mineral samples and five live animals.
  • Trial and (a) Bear!

    Trial and (a) Bear!
    While on the expedtion, Native Americans warned the expedtioners of the great grizzly bear. But it's not until the team's encounter with the bear, that they realize how true the "Indians" were and the grizzly bear earns their respect. This took place at the mouth of Yellowstone River and the grizzly bear chased the expedtioners across the Plains. A hunter and Lewis had to shoot the bear a few times for it to die.
  • Period: to

    On The Brink of Starvation

    Bitterroot Mountains. These were the mountains that brought the expedition to near extinction. They traveled along Bitterroot Mountian for eleven days and almost starved to death. The expeditioners had to butcher a horse to keep from starving. On the eleventh day they came out of the mountains (near Weippe, Idaho.)
  • More and More Friends

    More and More Friends
    The expedition shows up in the Nez Percé's homeland. An old woman named Watkuweis gives the Nez Percé advice, probably telling them that the expeditioners were safe and that they could trust them, because they end up befriending them. Another member of the tribe, teaches them how to use fire to hollow out pine trees and make new canoes, his name was Twisted Hair.
  • The Taste of Voting is in The Air

    The Taste of Voting is in The Air
    The expedition has to find somewhere to stay for the winter, so the captains decide to have everyone take a vote. This included Clark’s slave, York and the Indian woman Sacagawea, whom there races and/or genders didn’t have the option to vote for 60 to 166 years. About a month later the expedition celebrates Christmas at Fort Clatsop, named after the Clatsop Indian tribe.
  • Heading Home

    Heading Home
    The journey is almost to an end, Lewis and Clark present Fort Clatops to the Clatops and head home.
  • Reunited For the Last Time

    Reunited For the Last Time
    The expedition reaches St. Louis and spend their last day as the Corps of Discovery. They were gone for about two and a half years and were thought to be dead by the members of America. They greeted them eagerly and the members of the expedition continue to go home, as if they were heroes, but they’d really just started the end of all Native Americans..