The History of Photography

  • Sir Isaac Newton

    Sir Isaac Newton
    Newton demnstrated the light is color
  • Period: to

    Photography Timeline

  • Johann Schultze

    Johann Schultze
    discovered the darkening of silver salts by sunlight
  • J. Nicephore Niepce

    Produced the first permanent image using a camera obscura and white bitumin. It took eight hours to expose.
  • Fox Talbot

    Fox Talbot
    created a negative/positive process with a 5 minute exposure time.
  • Blanquart-Evrard

    Begins using Albumen for printing paper.
  • Hannibal Goodwin

    patented roll film with a flexible plastic base.
  • George Eastman

    George Eastman
    Produced the first camera system for the general public.
  • Dr. Edwin Land

    Invented the instant picture or Polaroid camera
  • Digital Photography

    The first consumer digital cameras were introduced.
  • Daguerre

    Daguerreotypes used a silver coated copper plate exposed and devolped using mercury.