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Renata Litvinova

By Anvani
  • Born in Moscow

    Born in Moscow
    Renata is Russian-Tatarian, was born in Moscow in 1967 in the family of doctors: Alisa Litvinova and Murat Vergazov.
  • Period: to

    From birth till now

    Life and career of the famous Russian actress, film director, script writer and TV presenter, Renata Muratovna Litvinova.
  • Entered a University

    Entered a University
    All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography, script-writing department
  • 'The Fancies' Acting Debute

    'The Fancies' Acting Debute
    as a nurse Violetta in Kira Muratova`s 'Uvlechenia' (the Fancies)
    The starting point of her long-term friendship with Kira Muratova.
  • Period: to

    First Marriage with Aleksandr Antipov

  • First TV series - 'The Border. Taiga Romance'

    First TV series - 'The Border. Taiga Romance'
    Although the film made her known all over the country, Renata hates having been starred, complaining it was the stupidest role ever.
  • Daughter's birth

    Daughter's birth
    Uliana Dobrovskaya
  • Film Directing Debute - 'There's no death for me'

    research: 5 greatest Russian actresses
  • Period: to

    Second Marriage with Leonid Dobrovsky

  • 'The Cruelty'

    'The Cruelty'
  • 'The Green Theater inside Zemfira'

    'The Green Theater inside Zemfira'
    the first musical movie with her best friend Zemfira starring as the main character
  • Generation P

    the latest project