Kune.Tyler. imporatant people of the Renaissance

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  • Jan 1, 1300

    The Italian renaissance

    a cultural event that is from the 1300's to the late 1500's, where italy prospered, from cultural gains aswell as trade and business
  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to Jan 1, 1550

    The Italian Renaissance

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  • Jul 20, 1304

    Francesco Petrarch birth

    Francesco Petrarch birth
    born on july 20th 1304, he was a famous scholar and teacher. he wrote poetry, to a imaginary woman named "laura". they are considerd the greatest love poems in literature
  • Jan 28, 1337


    lived from 1276 to 1337, Giotto was a magnificent early painter. according to a legend a fly in one Giotto's paint looked so real that a man tried to brush it off.
  • Feb 24, 1450

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg
    Scholar belive that this man was the first european to use a movable type to print books. gutenburg use a printing press to copy bibles
  • Apr 15, 1452

    Lenardo da vinci

    lived from 1452 to 1519 was a man of mainly talents, he was a painter sculptor enginer scientis, and a arthitect. he painted the mona lisa and The last supper
  • Mar 6, 1475


    Famous painter in the renaissance lived from 1475 to 1564. people who have visited the sistine chaple in the vatican, michelanelo painted the ceiling. well know from Biblical sculptors
  • Apr 29, 1478

    Thomas More

    a english humanist, and writer as a child he was interested in the "classics". He contrasted life in europe with His ideal society he's "utopia".
  • May 3, 1513

    Niccolo machiavelli

    Niccolo machiavelli
    a Florentine Diplomate, aswell as historian. in 1513 he wrote a essay called "The Prince". Machiavelli sought to describe government not in terms but instead of lofty ideas
  • Feb 24, 1517

    Martin Luther

    This is the that martin luther challenged tezel and post he famous 95 thesis on the catholic church on indulgences on the church
  • Feb 24, 1555

    Charles V against protestantism

    in 1555 charles V of the holy roman empire starting attacking German prince's who followed lutherism came to an agreement that the prince could select the religon for his state and all must follow but those who refuse where forced to move somewhere else