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Website Project Timeline

  • Pre-Planning meeting with Tech Services

    Skype Rick Baker into meeting. Brainstorm long term strategy for intergration of campus technology as it relates to Houghton portal. Discuss key elements of portal. Brainstorm ways to use portal database in place of synapse for course reqistration. Outline concerns for site conversion. Address server backup/space/security concerns. Determine portion of site to be hosted off-location. Discuss faculty/staff email support options. Discuss possibility of email integration into portal.
  • Period: to

    Pre-project meetings

    Coordination with tech services, discuss long term strategy for campus portal, Pre-planning meetings with AM Design, Finalization of web protocol, Outline Navigation, Create list of deptartment site editors and meet to explain protocol.
  • Planning Meeting with Tech Services

    Define Portal functionality. Outline steps to implementing key elements of portal. Address concerns for site conversion and present possible solutions. Determine best course of action for supporting faculty/staff email.
  • Planning Meeting with Tech Services

    Discuss elements of strategic plan
  • Planning Meeting with Tech Services

    Approve final draft of strategic plan, assign student worker for content conversion, image requisition, and data entry.
  • Meeting with AM

    Determine final site architecture and design direction
  • Period: to


    We've blocked off seven months to complete the project. The project is divided into 3 major phases: Discovery, Development, and Deployment.
  • Period: to


    Discovery, Site Planning, Site Definition & Creative Design:
    In this Phase we will develop most of the site architectuire and create graphic design elements and finalize page layout.
  • Student worker begin organizing page content/images

  • Mary Photo session for missing dept headers & misc

  • Receive home page design proof

  • Send Feedback for home page design to AM

  • Receive revised home page and sub-template layout proofs

  • Home page and templates approved for buildout

  • Receive module layout proofs

  • Approved module layouts sent to AM

  • Begin Buildout of CMS, Portal & Modules

    Meet periodically with Tech Services to relay progress
  • Content and Imagery deliverd to AM

  • Period: to

    Michael lives on Basecamp working with AM through Development

    Pay careful attention to the UI Elements, offer script suggestions, begin data entry to DB asap.
  • Period: to


    Development of CMS, Media Manager, Forms, Profile Manager, JQuery & AJAX Scripting, Portal, Calendar, event feeds and other modules.
  • Preliminary usability, portal, and brower testing

  • Period: to


    Content Entry, Cross Platform Testing, Development of trainging tools for faculty/staff, Blog Integration, Social Media Integration, Analytics Implementation.
  • Content & Data Entry begins

  • Meet with Tech Services develop launch plan

  • Meet with Tech Services re: launch plan

  • Content Entry Complete

  • Advanced cross brower/platform testing

  • Meet wit Tech Services Finalize Launch plan

  • Period: to

    Prepare for Campus CMS Training Seminar

    Preperation of site tutorials and presentation of CMS and site navigation to faculty and staff in faculty forum, Inform SGA of new site roll out and give members a tour on testing server.