• Egyptians In Cairo

    Egyptians in Cairo began to protest about the regime of their current President. Obviously they did not like their president so they thought of many ways to get him out. They had marches rallies, violent clasahes, and riots.
  • Ban Public Gatherings

    Ban Public Gatherings
    Egyptian government banned public gatherings. They sent police officers to make sure protesters will not come out. Egyptians starts to post images of the strrets in Cairo.
  • Battle With The Police

    Protestors were on their way to go pray, but ended up battling with the police. The President ordered his government to resign, but did not step down himself. President Obama warned Egypt's president about his protester and the violence they were causing could lead to the lost of billions Egypt recieves in American aid.
  • The Egyptian Army

    The Egyptian Army said that they would not fire on protesters
  • President Announces He is Not Running for Another Term

    President annouces that he would not run for presidency again. The protesters were estatic. They celebrated all night. They were popping fireworks and going crazy in the streets. They acted like they were free from everything.
  • Transition To A Post-Mubarak Era

    Vice President annouced that a transition to a post-mubarak era had begun with a meeting with opponents of the governments. Leaders of the protest movement denounced his remarks as apolitical ploy. Hillary Clinton warned that removing Egypt's President hastily could undermine the country's transition to democracy.
  • Is He Staying??

    Mubarak unexpectedly refuse to budge, saying he would stay through the end of his term. Of course there were angry protestors.