Erika Lesher

  • Landed on Island

    All the boys crash landed on the island beggining their adventure here.
  • Voted Ralph as Leader

    Everyone chose Ralph over Jack as leader making Jack mad.
  • Made the Fire

    Made the Fire
    Piggy and Ralph said that they had to make a fire for signal. They started the fire with Piggy's glasses, making them a very important part in the story.
  • Hunting Begins

    Hunting Begins
    The boys begin hunting for boars and sows. At first, the chanting and hunting is playful, but as time goes on it gets more violent.
  • The Group Splits

    The Group Splits
    Jack walks away from Ralph's group. At first, no one leaves but eventually almost all the group leaves. Ralph, Piggy, Samneric, and some lilluns are left.
  • Lord of the Flies

    Lord of the Flies
    Jack and his hunters kill a sow and put her head on a stick and sacrifices it to the "beastie". Simon goes back to his lagoon and finds this. He then imagines the head talking to him. Simon finds out about the dead parachutist and when he goes to tell the groups, they killed him.
  • Piggy's Death

    Piggy's Death
    Jack and his group steal Piggy's glasses. When Ralph and Piggy go over to get them back, Roger pushes a bolder over the cliff and it hits Piggy and kills him.