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Abby's Life

  • Birth

    Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids
    Abby Heim was born March 21, 1990 at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Who new that on this day a star would be born? Abby was an advanced learner from the ripe age of six months. Her parents new that they were blessed when Abby spoke her first word: onomonopia. This was only the start.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    St. Pius X Elementary School
    Abby took her first steps through the ivory doors of St. Pius X Elementary School at age 5. Abby felt held back from the constant strict schedule and nap times. She needed more freedom to explore, invent, and discover. It didn't take her long to start acting out in school. This didn't make her a teacher favorite, but she had no prolem making friends.
  • Graduation

    Xavier High School The years had gone on and Abby learned how to slowly minimize her talents and fit in with her classmates. She ended up graduating from Xavier High School in 2008 with little to no honors. However, she did go on to attend the world renown Simpson College, joining their education department and trying to fight for world peace.