Important Dates In North Korea

By 17031
  • 313

    Korean forces drove the Chinese from Korea.

    Korean Forces Drove The Chinese From Korea
  • Jan 1, 1392

    General Yi Song Gye founded the Yi Dynasty.

    General Yi Song gye Founded The Yi dynasty.
  • Japan Forces invaded Korea but were driven out.

    Japan Forces Invaded Korea Butuas Drivien Out
  • The Korean King was finally forced to accept Manchu rule.

    The Korean King Was Finally Forcead To Accept Manck Rule.
  • Japan took control from Korea.

    Japan Took Control From Korea
  • Soviet forces occupied Northern Korea. The U.S. occupied Southern Korea.

    Souiet Forces Occupied Nortern Korea Us Occupied Southern Korea.
  • President Park was re-elected for a third term.

    President Park Was Re-elected For A Third Term.
  • North and South Korea joined the United Nations.