Significant Events that happened in the story "The Slippery Slope"

By gohulan
  • The Continuation in the Carnivorous Carnival

    The book continues on from where The Carnivorous Carnival left off. Klaus and Violet are rolling downwards a steep mountainside inside of an out of control caravan, while Sunny is held imprisoned from a man named Count Olaf and his associates.
  • The Sibling's Journey up the Mountain

    The two sibling’s journey continues up the mountain, noticing that ferocious Snow Gnats have followed them. During the night, the scout leader which is Bruce talks to them and leads them up the natural chimney (also known as the Vertical Flame Diversion) to the V.F.D. headquarters.
  • Sunny's Experience

    Olaf, his associates, and Sunny are on the summit of Mount Fraught, which is the tallest mountain in the area. The adults are unkind to Sunny, demanding her to snooze in a casserole saucer and to cook them breakfast the next morning.
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    Events in "The Slippery Slope"

  • The Snicket File

    Two individuals, a woman and a man appear, and state how they have productively burned down the V.F.D. headquarters. Furthermore, they provided Count Olaf the first twelve pages of the Snicket File.
  • Quigley Quagmire

    Violet, Klaus and the boy approach to the V.F.D. headquarters and discover that it has been burnt down. The boy exposes himself to be Quigley Quagmire, whom the children supposed to be dead. Quigley is the third triplet of Isadora and Duncan, who are the first two.
  • Verdant Flammable Device

    Violet, Klaus, and Quigley observe, rising from the cliff, the cloud of green smoke being released by Sunny's Verdant Flammable Device. Violet creates an ice-climbing tool using a ukulele and forks, which Quigley and she used to go up the mountain, while Klaus remains at the headquarters to notice if there are any evidence which can be used to locate more about V.F.D., and who burned it down
  • Violet and Quigley meet Sunny

    As soon as the two arrived at the top of the mountain, they instantly saw Count Olaf, his associates, and Sunny. Violet introduces Sunny to Quigley, and she requests Sunny to go back with them. However, Sunny declines, telling her sister with the aim of spying on Count Olaf and study helpful information.
  • The Big Plan

    Violet and Quigley journey downwards the mountain again. Luckily, Klaus has discovered out a great deal about V.F.D. and highlights of a preparation to get Esmé as bait and to make use of her to taunt Count Olaf into offering Sunny back.
  • The Continuation of The Big Plan

    Klaus, Violet, and Quigley dig a hole in the ground and they light a Verdant Flammable Device subsequently in the direction of it. Esmé notices a little green smoke at the base of the slope. She travels to go downwards it, thinking that the smoke is drawing closer from the "in" cigarettes
  • Two Wrongs are Better than a Right

    The children become conscious that two wrongs never make a right and that there is a smarter technique to save Sunny than capturing Esmé Squalor. When she arrives at the bottom, she dashes into three cloaked outsiders, which were really the Baudelaires and Quigley, and they assist her in rising back up the slope, hoping to find a way to force Count Olaf to just give Sunny back to the Baudelaires.
  • Sunny's Homecoming Demand

    Stating to be called as Volunteers, the three children commanded Sunny's homecoming.
  • Count Olaf's Choice

    Count Olaf rejects and declines, until Violet made up that she knew the position of the misplaced sugar bowl (which is secretively significant to Olaf and his associates).
  • The Snow Scouts

    Count Olaf trades for the dish, but the Snow Scouts arrive at the peak of the mountain and Klaus, Violet, and Quigley take off their masks to influence the scouts to scurry off.
  • The Two White Faced Women

    Count Olaf commands the two white faced women to take hold of Sunny and toss her off the mountain, but they depart in objection and give up working for Count Olaf.
  • The Continuation of The Two White Faced Women

    While they leave, they speak that one of their siblings was executed during the time of when their house burned down.
  • The Scheme that was Unsuccessful

    The scouts, excluding from Carmelita Spats and a number of Count Olaf's group members are caught in a net in a scheme to gather them to Count Olaf's group.
  • Carmelita' Choice

    Carmelita is persuaded to unite with Count Olaf and Esmé Squalor in their wickedness schemes, as their "descendant".
  • The Slippery Slope

    The Baudelaires and Quigley take hold of a toboggan and go down the slope, although as they arrive at the bottom, the ice-covered waterfall shatters. In the resulting flood, the Baudelaire siblings and Quigley Quagmire are broken up.
  • The Last Scene

    Quigley and Violet call dreadfully for each other, and Quigley attempts to inform them to meet him somewhere, but it cannot be heard because the loudness of the rush of the running water.