Julian's Technology Timeline

  • Period: to

    My Lifetime

  • First colour TV

    First colour TV
  • First Computer - Apple Macintosh

    First Computer - Apple Macintosh
    Apple Macintosh - still remember the old black and white games it had!
  • First internet connection

    First internet connection
    I remember logging on the first time. It had to dial the number just like on a phone, make a funny noise, then it would take around 1 minute to load each and every page!
  • First - PC Computer

  • First Mobile Phone

  • Connected to the Internet via Wireless network

    Connected to the Internet via Wireless network
    Could not believe how you could connect through the air.....
  • First digital Camera

  • First laptop computer

  • First Iphone

    Internet on phone
    email on phone
    camera in the phone
  • Iphone 4

    High Definition video
    Video Calls