• Jan 1, 1450

    Prince Harry the Navagator (of Portugal)

    Prince Harry established a naval observation for the teachings of astromany and navigations
  • Period: Feb 2, 1451 to Feb 2, 1506

    Christopher Columbis

    Christopher Columbus did many voyages to the "New World"
  • Feb 2, 1521

    Magellen and Crew start their voyage

    Magallen and crew started their voyage
  • Aug 5, 1522

    Magellen and crew finished their voyage

    The voyage ended but Magellen died in the Phillipense
  • Hydrographic

    the 1st hydrographic office established in France
  • John Hemides

    Built the 1st chromater
  • Challenger

    Challenger was lunch and it was steam powered
  • ICES

    ICES was formed country in it are Russia Great Britain Holland and Scandinvia
  • Scripps

    Scripps was founded
  • German ships

    German ships started to look for gold in seawater
  • German ships

    German ships stop looking for gold in sea water
  • Deep sea drilling

    Deep sea drilling started
  • NOAA

    NOAA was formed use to track weather ect...