Cell Theory Timeline-Connor Haden, and Justin Kirkpatrick

  • Jansen

    Constucted the first compound microscope
  • Hooke

    First one to see a cell from a plant.
  • Redi

    Disproved the thoery of spontenous generation
  • Leeuwenhoek

    First man to witness alive cells.
  • Trembley

    First to study freshwater polyps or hydra.
  • Wolff

    cell theory Generalized the cell theory.
  • Turpin

    Reported and illustrated his observations of cell division and algae.
  • Meyen

    Discovered that when cells divide they become independent from each other
  • Raspail

    One of the founders of the cell theory. He coined the phrase,"Every cell is derived from a pre-existing cell."
  • Brown

    Discovered nucleas in plant cell.
  • Schwann

    Schwann and Schleiden suggested that cells were the basic unit of life.
  • Dutrochet

    "The cell is the fundamental element of life."
  • Schleiden

    Stated that cells are the basic unit of life
  • Mohl

    Described the process of mitosis in plant cells
  • Remak

    Is remembered for discovering and naming the three germ layers of the early embryo.
  • Mendel

    Tracked genetic changes in peas
  • Virchow

    Concluded that all cells come from a pre-existing cell.
  • Pasteur

    Proved soup spoiled because of microorganisms
  • Schneider

    Observed chromsomes during cell division
  • Golgi

    Described the existence of vesticles in nerve cells