The 1990's

  • Nelson Mandela Freed From Prison

    Nelson Mandela Freed From Prison
    Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after 27 years in 1990. Mandela was put in jail because he stood up for an unfair Apartheid law in 1962. 27 years later on February 11, 1991 he was considered a free man once again.
  • Rodney King

    Rodney King
    A video of Rodney King is found and it is of him being beaten and abused by 4 white policemen,
  • First Black Female in Space

    First Black Female in Space
    Dr. Mae C. Jemison was declared the first female in space on September 12, 1992.
  • Iraq is Bombed Again

    Iraq is Bombed Again
    Iraq told the US that we could not fly over their country so we bombed them.
  • Los Angeles Earthquake

    Los Angeles Earthquake
    LA suffered a massive earthquake,
  • Okalahoma City Bombing

    Okalahoma City Bombing
    Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were declared guitly for the Oklahoma City Bombing- killing 168 people.
  • JonBenet Ramsey Murdered

    JonBenet Ramsey Murdered
    JonBenet was the infamous little pagent queen who was found dead in her basement.
  • Mars Pathfider

    Mars Pathfider
    The Mars pathfinder landed and took pictures of the planet surface.
  • Arkansas School Massacre

    Arkansas School Massacre
    Two boys, 13 and 14, were killed on the playground after a false fire alarm.
  • Columbine Tragedy

    Columbine Tragedy
    Two students went on a shooting rampage killing 12 students, 1 teacher, and themselves.