History Of Horses

  • Fossil Records

     Fossil Records
    Earliest remains found from the Paleocene epoch (about 54 million years ago in North America) More recent fossils found from the Eocene epoch
    (about 50 million years ago) in Europe
  • Period: to

    History of Horses

  • First Horse

    First Horse
    -Eohippus "dawn horse" the earliest version of the mordern horse
    -Small, primitive horse about the size of a fox.
    -elongated skul, arched back and short tail
    -Four functional toes on each front foot, only three toes on each hind foot.
  • Eohippus Evolves

    Eohippus Evolves
    -During Oligocene epoch(about 35 million years ago/earths temperature and climate changed)
    -Forests thinned and grass became more prevalent, thus Mesohippus appeared (Meso means middle)
  • Mesohippus

    -Larger than Eophippus
    -Only three toes on its front feet
    -Toes became little hooves
    -Became extinct in North America and Europe about 7 million years ago
  • Totally New Horse

    Totally New Horse
    -Appeared in the Miocene epoch, 20 million years ago
    -Merychippus evolved in North America and adapted to the grasses of the plains
    -Beginnings of the grazing horse today
  • Merychippus

    -First horse with hoofs
    -Increased in size to 35 in
    -Lived in herds
    -Two outer toes diminished and middle toes hardened into a hoof
  • Pliohippus

    -Middle Miocene, around 15 million years ago
    -Two long extra toes on both sides of the hoof, externally barelt visible as callused stubs.
    -Believed to be the ancestor of present day horses, because of its many anatomical similarities
  • Extinction

    -About 10,000 years ago many of the prehistoric horses became extinct.
    -Resuits of climate changes
    - Only surviving horses were in Asia along with several Zebras
    -Horses were wiped out in North America
  • Intro to Modern Horse

    Intro to Modern Horse
    -Scientists call it Equus caballus
    -Some believe Spanish explorers brought the animlas with them on their voyages to the New World in 1500s
    -Were let loose in prairies
  • History

    -Asian nomads first domesticated horses nearly 5000 yrs. ago
    -Horses have played a central role in shapng human life.
    -3000yrs ago, jthe horse had become a fixture of many ancient civilizations.
    -Horses were used primarily for food, riding, or to pull carts
    -Horses quick feet impressed the Persians.
    -1800s the US. Pony Express borrowed the same method.
    -American Horse Council estimates direct impact on the economy in the US over 39 billion.
    -Changed the practices of Farming and industry.