Taliah's ICT

Timeline created by MrsA
  • Birth of a librarian

  • Using PLATO computers for in-class assignments (4th grade)

    Using PLATO computers for in-class assignments (4th grade)
  • Period: to


    Spent many hours playing Frogger, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and PacMan
  • Period: to

    Typewriter for school assignments (high school)

  • Nintendo

    Contra was my game of choice on the Nintendo system
  • Period: to

    Desktops for school

  • Period: to

    AOL & Netscape

    Personal & professional access to Internet
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
  • First LEEP class

    Access via desktop and primarily lecture, not interactive as is today.
  • Hotmail

    Primary source for personal email
  • Period: to

    Yahoo & Gmail

    Email sources, as well as reading news, interests & storing articles
  • Facebook

    Joined out of curiosity, then to keep in touch with friends and family. Now addicted.
  • Purchased first laptop

  • Twitter

  • Motorola Droid

    Wanted ability to access Internet and touch screen ability
  • LEEP classes now require headset

  • Nook e-reader

    Nook e-reader
    Traveling and tired of paying extra fees for weight from large stacks of books for being indecisive in reading choices.