18 reagan

Chapter 31

  • Stonewall riots

    Stonewall riots
    Riots in Greenwich village spark the Gay liberation movement
  • Moon landing

    Moon landing
    First manned moon landing. Led by US in the space race.
  • invasion of cambodia

    invasion of cambodia
    us forces invade cambodia in an expansion of the war
  • Kent State shooting

    Kent State shooting
    war protest turns violence and 4 protestors are shot by the national guard
  • EPA established

    EPA established
    EPA formed in response to support of environmentalism
  • Nixon visits china

    Nixon visits china
    Nixon visits china in a groundbreaking showing of diplomacy
  • SALT I

    SALT I
    Salt I talks conclude in regards to ABMs, important step towards Detente
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    plumbers arrested while breaking into the Democratic convention's hotel room lead to a nixon scandal and eventual resignation
  • Election of 1972

    Election of 1972
    Nixon reelected in landslide over McGovern.
  • vietnam truce

    vietnam truce
    North vietnam and USA sign truce to end us involvement in vietnam after intense pressure from US protestors
  • October war

    October war
    the october war between ISrael and Muslim states in the middle east begins, ending a few weeks later in a Israel victory.
  • OPEC embargo

    OPEC embargo
    opec countries release statement saying they will raise prices 5% every month until their land is given back by israel
  • nixon resignation

    nixon resignation
    nixon resigns after finding that enough votes exist to remove him from office
  • Election of 1976

    Election of 1976
    Carter defeats Ford due to dislike over Fords policies and pardon of Nixon

    agreement to further limit nuclear weapons, falls through due to invasion of afgahn.
  • Iran hostage crisis

    Iran hostage crisis
    52 us citizens held hostage at us embassy for 444 days by islamic militants
  • Soviet invasion of Afgahnistan

    Soviet invasion of Afgahnistan
    USSR invades afgahnistan in order to establish freindly government. US sees as hostile show of agression
  • Reagan election

    Reagan election
    reagan wins in an landslide victory over Carter
  • Iran-contra affair

    Iran-contra affair
    high ranking reagan officials sell arms to iran and give funds to nicaraguan rebels
  • INF treaty

    INF treaty
    treaty between US and USSR removes missiles from europe and eases tensions