Theodore Roosevelt

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    The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

  • Born in New York City

    Teddy Roosevelt was born to Theodore and Martha Roosevelt. He was one of four children.
  • Attended Harvard College

    While Theodore Roosevelt was a child, he was very sick. He was not able to attend school with other children. He had to be tutored at home. However, he was smart enough to enter Harvard College at age 17.
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    Attended Harvard College

  • Elected governor of New York

  • Elected Vice President of the United States

    In 1900, Roosevelt was elected Vice President of the United States after only serving as Governor of New York for 2 years.
  • Became the 26th president of the United States

    After only serving one year as Vice President, President McKinley was shot and killed. Roosevelt then became the 26th president of the United States.
  • Re-elected as president

    During 1904 Roosevelt was re-elected as President. During his presidency, he was able to convince the Japanese and Russian leaders to quit fighting. Because of his great work tyring to create peace throughout the world, he received great honor while president. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national monument

    During his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt cared for the people of the United States and the land of. He saved much land where buildings and streets could not be built. He helped make national forests gigger. He created 18 national monuments.
  • Died in Long Island, New York