Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

By anberon
  • Birth of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

    Born in Venice (Italy)
  • Antonio Vivaldi enters a seminary

    This is where Antonio gets his first religious orders
  • Antonio Vivaldi was ordained subdeacon

  • Antonio Vivaldi was ordened deacon

  • Antonio Vivaldi was ordened priest

    More inclined towards music that got rid of Mass due to health concerns
  • Antonio Vivaldi was appointed master of violin in the orchestra of the Pietà

    commissioned after teaching the viola all 'inglese. His job was teaching and acquisition of certain instruments for their students and conducting the orchestra of that institution, which housed a famous choir that met the set of internal interpreters
  • Antonio Vivaldi composed "L'estro armonico "

  • Antonio Vivaldi composed "Stabat Mater"

    Stabat MaterStabat Mater was composed for a church of Brescia
  • Antonio vivaldi composed "Ottone in Villa"

    "Ottone in Villa"It was his first know opera
  • Antonio Vivaldi composed "La vittoria navale"

    La vittoria navale was his first oratory and it was represented in Vicenza in June, 1713
  • Antonio Vivaldi composed "La Stravaganza"

  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi worked to the princep Mantua

  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi composed "Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione"

    SpringWinterSummerAutummIt was a set of concerts and the first four concerts of it was the most important works by Vivaldi (Spring, Summer, Autumm and Winter)
  • Antonio Vivaldi went to live to Viena

  • Death of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

    He died in Vienna (Austria)