Nelson Mandella

  • Mandela was born in the Transkei

    Born in the Transkei a region in southeastern South Africa
  • He earns law degree.

    Earns law degree from University of South Africa.
  • getting Married

    He married his wife Evelyn
  • He was elected secretary of the youth league

  • He became a president of the youth league

  • In 1958 he married his wife Wnnie Madikizela

  • He was sent to the prison

    Mandela was sentenced to five years hard labor in Pretoria Prison
  • The president was out of prison

    Finally they were allowed out, but they had to work sewing mailbox. If they talked to one another they lost their meals for one day.
  • Nelson Mandelas birthday

    On Mandela's 70th birthday a huge concert was shown television all over the workd.
  • He went to jail when he was seventy one years old

    Now seventy-one years old he had been in jail for 10,00 days.
  • He was married his wife Evelyn

  • He won the election

    Mandela won the election amd F.w. de Klerk became a deputy president.
  • He was working on for equal rights